Theory of ML Study Group

Meeting schedule

Michaelmans Term

The reading group sessions take place every second Tuesday, 15:00-16:30, Leverhulme library, Department of Statistics, 6th Floor, Columbia House.

# Date Topic Discussion lead
1 2nd Oct, 2018 Deep Learning for Finance: Deep Portfolios, Heaton, Polson and Witte, 2016 Clifford Lam
2 16th Oct, 2018 No Spurious Local Minima in Nonconvex Low Rank Problems: A Unified Geometric Analysis, Ge, Jin and Zheng, ICML, 2017 Milan Vojnovic
3 30th Oct, 2018 A Latent Variable Model Approach to PMI-based Word Embeddings, Arora, Li, Liang, Ma, and Risteski, ACL 2016 Konstantin Kutzkov
4 13th Nov, 2018 Generative Adversarial Nets, GoodFellow et al, NIPS, 2014 Tianlin Xu
5 27th Nov, 2018 Hashing-Based-Estimators for Kernel Density in High Dimensions, Charikar and Siminelakis, FOCS, 2017 Zhenming Liu
6 11th Dec, 2018 Auto-encoding Variational Bayes, Kingma and Welling Wonbong Jang

Lent Term (tentative schedule)

# Date Topic Discussion lead
1 15th Jan, 2019 A General Theory for Large-Scale Curve Time Series via Functional Stability Measure, Guo and Qiao, arXiv 2018 Xinghao Qiao
2 29th Jan, 2019 Deep Learning: A Bayesian Perspective, Polson and Sokolov, Bayesian Analysis, 2017 Kostas Kalogeropoulos
3 12th Feb, 2019 Local Linear Forests, Friedberg, Tibshirani, Athey, & Wager arXiv, 2018 Filippo Pellegrino
4 26h Feb, 2019 Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview, Li, 2017; Human Level Control through Deep Reinforcement Learning, Mnih et al, Nature 518:529-533, 2015 Yining Chen
5 12th Mar, 2019 Global Convergence of Policy Gradient Methods for the Linear Quadratic Regulator, Fazel, Ge, Kakade and Mesbahi, ICML, 2018 Jialin Yi
6 26th Mar, 2019 Variational Inference: A Review for Statisticians, Blei, Kucukelbir and McAuliffe, 2016; Advances in Variational Inference, Zhang et al, 2017 Yirui Liu


List of papers (in no particular order)